Daily Bread Co-operative Cambridge Ltd is a wholefood shop promoting an ethical lifestyle through our working practices and the products we sell. Taking inspiration from Jesus Christ, we are a community of people from various walks of life, who try their best to bring love and justice in the workplace and embody those ideals by caring for each other, caring about the planet and caring about the work they do.

We aim to…

Be Fair

1. Value people equally by being a worker’s co-operative with a flat, democratic management structure.

2. Take a clear stand against prejudices and discrimination.

3. Be involved in the correction of injustices through the ethical sourcing of our goods, the promotion of fairly traded products and the creation of stable, meaningful jobs.

4. Benefit our local and world wider community by donating a substantial amount of our profit to charities.

Be Caring

5. Nurture fellowship by showing concern for each other in a supportive environment and having a daily time of reflection and sharing.

6. Provide work opportunities for people who experience mental health problems or some kind of disability in order for them to gain work experience and to build confidence.

7. Support co-operatives and social firms through cordial trading relationships, encourage like-minded local producers, and reach out to kindred spirits.

8. Promote healthy eating through a considered and responsible product range and by giving advice and product information to the best of our knowledge.

Be Sustainable

9. Cherish our environment and actively reduce our footprint by, in particular, recycling, supporting responsible and sustainable agricultural practices and sourcing locally wherever possible.

10. Be a vegetarian shop with a strict non GMO, non-tested on animals policy.

11. Offer our customers a welcoming and peaceful shopping environment, and abide by a fair pricing policy and sound marketing practices.

12. Be financially sustainable and therefore remain independent.

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